Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What's in the Treasure Chest?

The most popular question whenever I update the files is “What did you update?”

To be honest, a lot of the time I’m updating wording, spelling, and other errors, rather than changing anything as-such. A good example being in the Treasure Appendix, in which several melee weapons had the “Precision 2” ability, rather than the correct “Aim 2”. Similarly, I’ve updated the page layouts and corrected some page sizes, miss-formatted fonts, etc.

In terms of actual changes for the current edition, the Heroic Feats have been incorporated, and some of the training costs adjusted slightly. On top of that, we’ve made some tweaks on the Enemy Matrices (for better balance) and the Dungeon Generation charts (to make some things simpler and some things more interesting).

More relevantly, we’ve created a new value “Charisma” to act as a limit on hiring Henchmen. This means that the original “Fate” that determined three things (Cost of Living, Henchmen, and Fate points to spend), now only covers Fate Points to spend. Cost of Living is covered by fame, as it has been for a while.

Whichever we picked for the Henchmen limit caused problems, so we separated it out. This also allows some abilities to be more concisely worded, which is a nice bonus. The Quest Reward and Hero Creation tables have been updated to match, along with one item in the Treasure Appendix.