Thursday 30 May 2024

Still undefeated

Greetings foolish adventurers!

Playtest continues. We hope to release an updated set of rule books later this year. Mostly just presentation and errata fixes.

We have made changes to three Hero Paths, and clarified a lot of bits and pieces, but no actual rules changes otherwise.

We will be replacing the "Learn to Play" rules with two volumes: A 'main rule book', and a 'first expedition' booklet that teaches the core of the game. The rule book will b3 more concise and the intro an easier read for newbies. This will, we hope, square the circle on the rules presentation.

We also intend to construct and Appendix XII: Index, which will let you look up any item or rule very easily, though we expect this will take some time to make. Also, our priority is to get the missing Bestiary sections out before this.

That's a lot of work, and real life is not being kind, so bear with us.

Thursday 23 November 2023

More updates!

 A small update today to the following volumes:

Core Rules Reference

Appendix 1 - Generating the Dungeon

Appendix 2 - Hazards

Appendix 3 - Traps

Appendix 4 - Treasure

The changes are mostly errata, you shouldn't see any changes of note.

Sunday 19 February 2023

A Scroll of Updating is Read

 Today we've updated the Learn to Play Rules, Core Rules, and Appendices 5, 9, & 10.

As we're always asked, we've made the following changes:
*Fixed several typos.
*Clarified the wording on two abilities.
*Additional Training Options.
*Added correct Monster Matrix Charts.
*Expanded Sentry options.
*Updated Feats.

For some reason, the Undead and Skaven Bestiary sections where missing, those have now been added too!

Friday 20 January 2023

Be Quick on Your Feats.

 Feats have been part of Reforged for a while, and players tend to love the option. However, they're not as well used as they should be, and some of them seem to be too strong or weak.

We've been tooling away at these, and hope to have or initial play-test done soon. 

Why are we mentioning this? It will change the Feat Scroll and Prayer Books in the Play Sheets Appendix. If you're planning to print the January update, you may want to hold off on that one volume, just for a teensy bit, while we sort that one out.

Monday 16 January 2023

The Cursed Blessings of Zuvasin

 Thank you to everyone who reached out to me about the downloads not working. Looks like you all overwhelmed my Dropbox!

I've spun up a Google Drive, and updated the links. Hopefully this will be more stable!I've also fixed the dodgy Appendix VII, page 15.

Enjoy everyone!

Sunday 15 January 2023

The Powers of Chaos Rise

 Hi all, thanks for everyone who's given kind words over the new version.

There is a rendering fault on page 15 of the Hero Creation guide. We will get this fixed for you ASAP.

For some reason, SOME people, but not all, cannot get into the drop box folder. We have no idea why. We're looking at this, bur are a little lost. Research indicates that we may just be being too popular. Suggestions are welcome!


A Long Quest Completed

It’s taken a very long time, but finally here is an update. A BIG update.

This took a LOT longer than I’d intended, and I thank everyone for their patience.

With this update out of the way, I can move on to finishing the Bestiaries.

If you find any typos, layout errors, inconsistencies, or anything unclear, please let us know


Each time we put out a new update, a lot of people ask what we’ve changed. This is a big update, so we’re not going to go into every minted detail given the raft of changes. However, here is a big list.



I've completely re-presented the core game rules to make them easier to learn and reference. Most of these changes do not affect actual game play.



1. Movement: Diagonal moves now require an ability. Halflings get this natively.

2. Diagonal attacks: Remove the expanded range introduced in Reforged, but this can be regained through an Ability.

3. Critical Hits: Melee Crits now half toughness, either type of crit can be converted to bonus attacks (or sometimes moves) with the right Ability.

4. Wounds/Damage: Significant change to the wording of the mechanic to cover edge cases and special effects. Wounds is now a Value Pool.

5. Fate/Destiny: Significant change to the wording of the mechanic to cover edge cases and special effects. Fate is now a Value Pool.

6. Minor changes to turn structure to tidy things up.

7. Added Boons to the game to give per-expedition variability to Heroes.

8. Replaced Free Attacks with other mechanics for clarity.

9. Renamed Fame to Glory, as the name was too similar to both and Faith.


APPENDIX I - Exploration

1. Room type Table: Redone to scale with party size, and to add more variety.

2. Changes to furniture rules to make it more interesting.

3. Seven additional special Quest Rooms.

4. Added “Cross-Roads” to dungeon generation tables, adding a slight wrinkle to corridors and the potential for some VERY long stretches!

5. Reinstated the empty passage, though it’s not as common as it once was.



Several corrections and wording tweaks for clarity with no material changes.



Several wording tweaks for clarity with no material changes. A couple of extra Hazards added.


APPENDIX IV - Treasure

1. Several wording tweaks for clarity with no material changes.

2. Several extra treasures added to deal with new Abilities and options.

3. Treasure Chests changed to scale with party and give greater variety of contents.


APPENDIX V - Quests & Campaigns

1. Revised Quest Reward table for ease of use.

2. Added rules for Abandoning a Quest.

3. Revised Town Events & Training tables.

4. Several wording tweaks for clarity with no material changes.

5. Added Training 3 for Heroes only.


APPENDIX VI - Bestiary

1. Updated Enemy Matrices to make them easier to use.

2. Changed the rules for Sentries turning up to make them easier.


APPENDIX VII - Hero Creation

1. Several wording tweaks for clarity with no material changes.

2. Updates for core rule changes.

3. Race-Based option to take a bonus Ability.

4. Many paths tweaks, a couple of additional paths.

5. Re-presented the Paths list for ease of use.

6. Given Henchmen and Ability to make them cheaper to train.


APPENDIX VIII - Henchmen Creation

1. Several wording tweaks for clarity with no material changes.

2. Updates for core rule changes.

3. Several Path tweaks.


APPENDIX XI - Play Sheets

1. Updates for core rule changes.

2. A few additional Mastery Feats.

3. Replaced one Hero Skill with three new ones.


APPENDIX X - Abilities & Equipment

1. Updates for core rule changes.

2. Several new Abilities.

3. Added details for Boons.

4. Expanded options for Ammunition.

5. Updated Pistols and Handguns to make them more effective and interesting.

6. Updated several Abilities, most notably making Exhaustion a test you want to pass, not fail.


APPENDIX XI - Co-Op play

Large changes to make this into a co-op/GM-less system with Dungeon Counter draws and an enemy AI, making this harsher the more Heroes are playing.



Updates to match new rules.