A lot of people want more information of what we’ve changed. The following is a brief summary.

Turn Structure:
  • Cleaned-up the terminology to make it very clear what you can do, and what happens when.
  • Leads to searching for hidden treasure and/or secret doors taking up more time, making the choice to do so (or not) more relevant.

  • All weapons can now attack diagonally, weapons that could originally do this may attack at a range of one square (with a few restrictions).
  • Attacks may be made through friendly models, with some restrictions and risks.
  • Updated to-hit tables for game balance.
  • Updated weapon and Armour charts for more options.

  • Diagonal moves now permitted.
  • May pass through friendly figures.
  • Movement restrictions by Death Zones are simplified.

General Rules:
  • Cleaned up terminologies to make them clear, and also applicable in all cases.
  • Added more options.
  • Dungeon Counters now more common as the dungeon goes on.
  • Doors are now two spaces wide.
  • Injury Rules clarified.
  • Updated Solo Play for updated rules set.

Mystic Powers:
  • Four existing Spell colleges rationalised against each other.
  • Four additional (Warhammer) colleges added.
  • Dark and Necromantic magic expanded into full “Colleges”.
  • Spell-casting added to Dungeon Counters.
  • Added priestly Prayers for six of the good Young Gods from Warhammer.
  • And for two of the evil Young Gods.

  • Updated the Quest Rewards table.
  • Revised costs of training.
  • Limited training opportunities to make character creation matter.
  • Updated town even chart to be more relevant & balanced.

  • Brand new Hero creation system, allowing any kind of Hero to be designed and all Heroes to be (broadly) balanced.

  • Brand new Henchman creation system, allowing any kind of Henchman to be designed and all Henchmen to be (broadly) balanced.

  • Extra Hazards from White Dwarf added.
  • Hazard tables cleaned up and clarified to ensure they auto-scale with the Hero advancement where needed.
  • Hazard effects clarified.

  • Extra Traps from White Dwarf added.
  • Trap effects clarified.

  • Extra Treasure from White Dwarf and Terror in the Dark added.
  • Extra treasures to accommodate new character types and game options added.
  • Treasure Tables re-balanced.
  • Excessively powerful treasures toned down.
  • “Charge” items replaced with Exhaustion system for less book-keeping.
  • Treasures now get better as the heroes go deeper into the dungeon.
  • De-linked loot from what specific enemies show up. Only general cases matter.

  • Integrated principals of Terror in the Dark’s tables for Dungeon Rooms.
  • Fewer long dungeon passages, empty passages, etc, for a more interesting dungeon.
  • Extra passage features.
  • Extra Quest Room options.
  • Extra variation in room sizes (large hazards, for example).

Monsters & Bestiary
  • Matrices replaced with generic matrices, based on PV and number of figures.
  • Matrices now scale with experience of the Heroes
  • More and better figures turn up in deeper levels and/or later expeditions.
  • Revised stats.
  • Expanded bestiary, pulling in as many suitable figures from Warhammer as possible.
  • Clear demarcation of enemy types and rules.
  • Revised rules for when Sentries turn up.
  • “Specialists” now turn up as a result of Dungeon Counters instead of at random.

  • Quest Generator updated.
  • Quests updated for new system.
  • Updated Quests fixed to auto-scale with Hero progress.